Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pedestrian Comics 61


Anonymous said...

Man, that's a good one. Dealing with the psychological stuff as narrator in the opening panels lays the groundwork. Then we come to the memories, in scenes that are more like genre paintings, which capture the experience of the move. Finally the magnification increases with the inwardness of actual work. Linking the memory section to the art section with the panel of me at work makes the transition smooth.

The panel of you and Mom seat-belted in for the ride, literal and metaphorical, is the most emotionally affecting one for me. The expressiveness of those figures is excellent, what with Mom looking somewhat apprehensive and you absorbed in drawing, but being there for each other.

Obviously I love the panel of me at work with my Robicheaux hat and Drum can brush-holder. I can live with the word "accomplished" too.

You are improving all the time in graphic skill and telling the story in straight narrative and flashback and analysis makes Pedestrian Comics a memoir that should be between covers.

normaseattle said...

Impossible to imagine a better traveling companion than your own good self. I still hope for just one more road trip with you riding shotgun. (OK,OK, I'll ride shotgun if that's how it has to be!)
I would give a lot for one of those long ago dragons. Good to know they are still in your head to be drawn when needed.
As always, the ART is EXCELLENT!!
Love, Mom