Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pedestrian Comics 59


Anonymous said...

I'm not like that at all! I say things once and then move on to the next topic, keeping my audience transfixed! The thing is, though, that I'm not like that at all! Not at all! I say things once and then. . .

It's good that Daniel drew this. It's very good. Every chronic repeater starts sentences with an announcement that the cued-up monologue about to be unleashed has been delivered before, as if this will make it less boring. Never works, but it gives the victim time to cringe.

Starting out with two great panels that really capture the obsessive monologue and also our relationship as brothers. Second panel nails us. That's got to be hard to do.

I love how you break in on your own narrative with discussion of the art itself and then rocket into your own internal landscape before returning us to Crazy Dad Land.

normaseattle said...

Thank goodness amid all this craziness you and your brother had a mother whose rocklike stability and unfailingly rosy disposition brought many rays of hope and optimism. . . and cookies.