Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pedestrian Comics 60


Anonymous said...

Dead on balls-accurate, as Marisa Tomei said in My Cousin Vinny.

You've captured the whole mess, analyzed and recreated it in comics. Each drawing here works in the narrative and on its own. Our young selves in both deer-in-the-headlights and full-on freakout are great. Printed tees just add to the impact. Dad in his imagined world of sanity, surrounded by crazies is priceless.

This is one of the best ones, maybe the best for getting at the situation, telling it accurately but without rancour. Thanks for including the cigarette I had even as a teen--that panel gives me a slight Geddy Lee aura, which is great since I was listening to Rush a lot at that time, as well as Nugent.

Art in every sense this.

normaseattle said...

Looking back is not something I choose to do these days, but I am very happy to know that you are able to do that, to analyze and understand it all, and to turn it into some very respectable, impressive, and entertaining artwork.