Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pedestrian Comics 62


Anonymous said...

That's the most dramatic advancement in your graphic skills from one panel to the next I've seen! Those square-jawed, aquiline-nosed red-blooded alpha males are great! Same for the child Dad, dogs, guns. Damn.

The understated text works as always. The dogs stuck in the cab are hilarious! Using the more popular word for flatulence and having a kid holding his nose would have been slapstick. It's much more effective to have me desperately inhaling outside air!

Your comics don't look like anyone else's. They aren't knockoffs of Crumb or anything else I saw at Fantagraphics.

normaseattle said...

Great comics have always used their painful memories to enlighten and entertain the people. You are showing us that great comic BOOKS do the same thing. Ditto all of Ben's remarks. The drawings are hilarious and true. And sad. Sorry.