Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pedestrian Comics 63


normaseattle said...

So-o-o GLAD to see a new PedCom. Have been wondering what my favorite graphic artist was up to. The work is GOOD. Your ability to describe powerful emotions with small drawings is awesome. (An example of appropriate usage of this term.) That face in the center makes me want to break out the milk and cookies until I remember that it is four years later, you are going strong, and cookies were never the answer.

Anonymous said...

I'll echo Mom that it's great to see a new Pedestrian. The trees attacked by borer beetles are a nice metaphor for marital strife, depression, and the titanic effort to do physical work under emotional duress. The Lebowski coffee can/urn works very well with the "staring into the void" thoughts of suicide. I'm glad this is not about true suicidal despair, and more a desire for an end to strife and struggle. Fear of death is a good thing in this comic.

The art is first rate, and the way you are able to compress experience and feelings into a few panels comes I'm sure from your years of writing poems.

Another great one.

Ms. Brazil said...