Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pedestrian Comics 9

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Anonymous said...

This shows two of the qualities you have as an artist and memoirist which are rare indeed: the ability to convey who you really are, quirks, faults and failings, as well as inexhaustible love for your kids, and rarer still, a willingness to put it all into your art. In this panel you absolutely nailed the relationship between a father who wants his son to know how much he values and loves him, and a son who is entering adolescence and wants to stake out who his is. Top-notch!

How the hell did I miss this one too? Did I go into suspended animation in 2008 or something?

Note: Most of the few blogs by people other than my own family that I've looked at are such obvious attempts to craft a persona that is who the person either wishes to be or deludes him or herself that s/he is that you don't even have to know the real person to know you're reading bullshit!

You do the opposite.