Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pedestrian Comics 68


Anonymous said...

The psychedelic detail of the backgrounds and title adds to the palpable sense of adolescent turmoil in this one. Always fun to be viewed as a friend and harmless eunuch by girls you have crushes on!

This reminiscence of course reminded me of two of my own fun, and similar, scenarios. First there was working side-by-side with the gorgeous butcher's daughter, who became my buddy. It was always a million laughs to watch her lip-synch "Walk This Way", which produced electrical storms in my head, and then watch her cool senior boyfriend pick her up in his waxed Mustang.

But better than that was being forced to square-dance in maroon shorts with the blonde cheerleader I was infatuated with, and see her genuine disgust up close!

Thanks for reminding me with this full-immersion adolescent hell of a Pedestrian. Sometimes I wish you weren't so good at this.

normaseattle said...

Unable to comment on the feelings and memories. However, the VISUAL ART is STUNNING! My heart quails at the prospect of more revelations, but my eyes want MORE, MORE, MORE !!