Friday, February 19, 2010

Pedestrian Comics 38


normaseattle said...

Love how you take us part way with you as you explore and investigate. None of us can ever fully reveal our vast, secret, silent, scary/reassuring, beautiful mindscapes. Probably a good thing. But the glimpses your work affords are tantalizing.
As ever, the visual art is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Great contrast between preacher mode and the crouch of the reader/investiator. The device of including a wavy page of journal in the final panel works too. Excellent as always.

It is terrifying at times to realize that each of us is as disposable as a lighter, but it is good to face it head on and make art and love your family anyway, without retreating into delusion.

PS Reed said...

This is my favorite comic yet. The words are perfect, the art supportive. Thank you!