Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pedestrian Comics 37


Anonymous said...

Another beauty! Our hero looks a little like a clergyman behind a podium that looks a bit like a pulpit, which sharpens the irony of his fear of offending Catholic students or their parents. Yes, it's very bad form to mention the atrocities of another person's religion. It offends them, and we can't have that!

The disaffected students with their Catholic school uniform jerseys, and standard-issue "youth in rebellion" haircuts are priceless. And you manage to make Our Hero look tired and a bit frazzled with just a few lines.

It's great to see a new, "chained" I guess must be the term, Pedestrian!

normaseattle said...

Should there be only one lone process writer in a whole roomful of clanging, banging, empty buckets, it is still vital for a teacher of your caliber to be there with something of value to impart. That singular penman may come from a family, or even an entire clan, of buckets only. Yours may be the first voice he has ever heard, and your ears the first to have heard his true voice. Keep on keeping on, English Man. And by the way, the visual art is also beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Mom said.