Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Time" by Aliki Barnstone, part 2 (poem used by permission)

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Anonymous said...

Combining the mindsets of two different kinds of thinkers into one image works. The river will go by, whether you're worried and hanging on or not. The next panel is my favorite. Seeing a complex, stylized vision of flying rabbits instead of the neighborhood or field is a good visual rendering of consciousness, with memories and fantasies informing everything all the time. The next lines of the poem are beautiful: "At night life is blue waves, piers with stairs going down." At once plainly declarative and mysterious, and your drawing gets it right. Ink wash sky and the full moon and the energy in the wood grain work with the words. The last two illustrate the poem, and the transition from a cannonball with the water and sky to the boy flying through the stars is a great conclusion.

These really turned out man.