Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pedestrian Comics 71


Anonymous said...

This instantly became one of my favorites, despite the painful nature of the subject. The expression on Our Hero's face in panel one, resignation, repressed rage, frazzled and yet somehow meditative works beautifully with the situation clouds around his head. I must admit I have no clue what the "garlic" is about, but I like it anyway. The second installment of being disowned with a slammed telephone is almost audible. The separation panel manages to be darkly funny with the legend on the box. In the next one Our Hero is so drained he appears to be on his deathbed; it reminded me of Dr. Gachet's sketch on VanGogh on his deathbed. Absolute exhaustion and existential angst. In the Tito panel, you've brilliantly made his hair appear to have been blown back by your fit of rage and the expression is beautifully done. The mirror panel is an example of one of the qualities of Pedestrian I love most: the naked honesty of being very unhappy with one's self without self-justification, just a real desire to improve. It's ironic that the people with this capacity are generally the people the least in need of improvement. Capping this Pedestrian with a journal page of writing about not being able to write completes the mood. Well done.

merlin4012 said...

The garlic thing isn't coming across--it confused Nia, too. It refers to the process of cleaning out Dad's house, and discovering big stores of items people don't usually stock up on, so it was either hoarding, or just going to the store without a list and not being able to remember what he already had in the house. I found I don't know how many containers of garlic in his cupboard. Thanks for the great review!