Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pedestrian Comics 54


Anonymous said...

Your ability to handle multiple related topics in a single panel is growing. This is some of the toughest stuff to deal with at all. The impossibility of an authentic father/son relationship with Dad, his inability to tolerate being wrong and the need to be right at any and all costs, the neuropsychiatric disorder Dad and I share. Using an image of a sleeping infant for the bonding aspect is excellent, as well as handwashing for OCD.

The way you draw Dad young and old is pitch-perfect. And I love how I look as an adult in Pedestrian Comics. The shrink I'm talking to looks a lot like the one from Harborview I went to in '02.

First-rate work.

normaseattle said...

To comment on the content is too tall an order for me. The art, however, is amazingly good and evolving beautifully.