Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pedestrian Comics 40


Anonymous said...

It's no fun to be on the verge of tears and furious at the same time, but that's the response this one evokes in me. I'm sorry all this happened, but the fact that you helped Dad under these conditions speaks volumes about your character.

These works of art are helping me process ancient history re: the old man. So thankyou for creating these panels.

I'm more convinced than ever that I am watching a book take shape.

Ms. Brazil said...

Yes, a book taking shape- they just get better and better!!

normaseattle said...

You take sticks and stones, blood and bones, sweat and tears, and all the years of your own life, and you distill it all down into a fine paste and you shove it out the tip of a drawing pen. I respect the crap out of that.